"Preservation Through Music Education"


December 8-10, 2017, 3445 San Pablo Ave. 

Small bites, munchies and beverages will be served.

Sample classes for Adults and Youth alike! Zimbabwean-style marimbas, Beginning Band for Adults, Piano Class, Guitar, Afrocuban percussion, Jazz improvisation, and more. We'll also be offering classes for parents and their tots!

Friday, December 8, 2017 - VIP Reception for Residents of the California Hotel, 6-7:30pm INVITATION ONLY

Saturday, December 
9, 2017; 1pm to 5pm Drop in and sample some of our upcoming classes. 

Saturday evening: 7-8:30pm. Enjoy a concert by Faculty and Friends

Sunday December 10, 2017: 2-5pm Jazz Jam Session
Register for cl
asses from 1pm - 5pm. 

For more information: Call (510) 836-4649 or email info@opcmusic.org 



Pablo Soto Campoamor

Please join us as we wage beauty and lift up our youth through music! Experience the joy of music through the performances of our students and faculty. 

This concert is a celebration of music education. As OPC's first concert since rebounding from displacement in 2014, 
it is a testament of the power of music. 

Student performances include: Trumpet Class, Piano Class, Guitar, Zimbabwean Marimbas, Afro-Peruvian Cajón, the OPC-SFJAZZ Academy Big Band, OPC's pre-professional training ensemble-The Frederick Douglass Youth Ensemble and students in our newest program, Black Girls Play. 

2016-17 Faculty
Gary Brown-bass
Christopher Clarke-trumpet
Carolina G
Lorca Hart-drums 
Bryan Lin-saxophone
Michael Mitchell-drums/  director-Frederick Douglass Youth Ensemble
Randy Porter-guitar
Peta Robles-Afro-Peruvian cajón
Ava Square-Levias-piano 
Jennifer Trowbridge-guitar 
Angela Wellman-trombone/  director-OPC/SFJAZZ Academy Big Band
Jeff Worrall-trumpet 

Black Girls Play Mentors
Tammy Hall-Piano
Mary Goree-Music Industry
Candace Ware-drums

We are grateful for our partners, supporters who help us in our quest to provide quality, culturally-responsive
music education for under-resourced communities of Oakland.
Thank you! Oakland Fund for Children and Youth, the Clorox Foundation, Oakland Cultural Funding; 
 East Oakland Youth Development Center, West Oakland Youth Center 
and the schools where we offer after-school music education: 
Coliseum College Preparatory Academy, Edna Brewer Middle School, Frick Impact Academy, Roots International, Westlake Middle School.

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music - 2323 Broadway - Oakland, CA 94612 - (510) 836-4649 
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